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Do Sports Build Character?

Monday, Mar. 5, 2012

From pee wee's on up through high school, coaches and fans always comment on the importance of sport as a character building exercise. But, as you move up the competitive ladder into college and professional sports where there is tremendous wealth and money exchanging hands, importance of sport in terms of character seems to take a backseat to sports as an industry and business. Not to mention the competitive nature inherent to sport that places emphasis on winning at any cost. These influences are a threat to a more ideal picture of character building and sports, and so we are left to consider how sports influences an athlete's character? This is the question posed to a panel consisting of: Zoe Kranzler, Academic Support Manager for SCU student athletes and former collegiate field hockey player, Matt Savage, Hackworth Fellow and current cross country/track runner at SCU, and Christopher Kulp, Professor of philosophy at SCU and an world-class cross-fit athlete. The following is a video of that panel discussion. Check out what the panelists had to say and the subsequent discussion of whether sports builds character.   

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