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Long Distance Love

Monday, Oct. 17, 2011

Best student comment on "Long Distance Love" wins a $50 gift certificate.  Comments must be received by midnight Oct. 23.

When Thomas went to college, he left his girlfriend, Angela, back home, 500 miles away. Thomas promised Angela he would remain faithful to her even as he was exploring college life. However, Thomas isn’t sure if being faithful means he’s just not supposed to have sex with other girls.

He has had his eye on a few freshman girls in this dorm. Would it be okay for Thomas to fool around with them as long as he wasn’t having sex? If his girlfriend never specified what faithful meant, is it really all that wrong to do it?


Here are some useful resources: 

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making

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Surviving a Long Distance Relationship


Photo by abbynormy available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial License.

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John C said on Oct 22, 2011
In my opinion if Thomas is questioning the definition of faithfulness, he should give his girlfriend back home a call and figure it out. Because he did promise her to stay "faithful" he should not assume it means "just not to have sex" without first conferring with her. If he finds himself questioning his relationship, then it should be re-evaluated before he make any decisions which could be hurtful to Angela. - Like - 6 people like this.
Jaymee Taylor said on Aug 28, 2012
If you promise to stay faithful to your partner in a long distance relationship then you should already know what you can and can not do. If Thomas is questioning what he can and can not do and it be counted as faithful or not then to me it sounds as if he can not handle a long distance relationship and instead of breaking his girlfriend's heart he should let her know, that maybe they should take a break because he's not one hundred percent sure what he really wants right now. It would be better for him talk to her about it and decide on staying together or not instead of hurting her and himself. - Like - 1 person likes this.
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