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A Mesage from Fr. Engh

Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010

Fr. Coz:

By being here today and contributing to the Pause for Coz scholarship, these alums and friends show their gratitude for your legacy at Santa Clara. I join them in thanking you for all you have done for the Santa Clara family over the years.

For more than three decades you served our students as professor, mentor, photographer, and all-around SCU booster.  You built long-lasting bonds with students and alumni that few can match.  You inspired them in their studies and in their sports. And you have motivated them to do what we ask of all our graduates – to give back to the community in ways that serve others in need.  

The scholarship fund in your name helps students in need. Students like Colin Niedemeyer, Kathryn Duyne, and Michael Calcagno will one day be leaders in our businesses, in our communities, and in our world.

With over $400,000 raised in four years, from 260 individual donors, and from 32 corporations – the Pause for Coz scholarship fund is an impressive grassroots effort, by any fund raising standard.  So many alums have rallied around you for the benefit of student scholarships. (If only all our other alumni could be so impassioned!)

To quote Steve Erbst from an article in 2007, your “reputation really breaks down any barriers to giving.” Thank you for breaking down those barriers. Thank you for inspiring so many devoted alumni and friends. And thank you for making it possible for students like Colin, Kathryn, and Michael to attend Santa Clara. Your legacy lives on.

Michael E. Engh, S.J.


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