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Why Did I Leave SCU?

Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010

Recently, some alumni have mentioned that they thought that administrators forced me to leave SCU. Not the case. When you hit 70, you'll probably understand my thinking. At 70, you begin thinking: are you giving your students what a younger teacher could give them? I figured that the students deserved new ideas and if I were to be useable in any job, I would have to act before I got any older. I decided on high school teaching.

That was more of a change than I had thought. I had taught freshman Latin and English at Bellarmine 1954-55 and I loved it. I had an offer to teach freshman religion and "Ethics in our Economic Life" to Brophy seniors and I took it. I wrote the text for the ethics course.  I enjoyed the whole experience, but my big mouth got me in trouble. (When I was about four years old, I was riding in my grandfather's big black touring car – with running boards, little vases between the doors, etc. I was actually standing next to my grandfather who was driving and like 4 year olds, I was talking incessantly. Finally, my grandfather said, "My God, Dick, you have a big mouth." When I was in the 8th grade, I spent time in front of the mirror wondering if my features had grown to fit my mouth. But when the new administration at Brophy asked the faculty for its honest evaluation, I gave it and I came to understand that I do have a big mouth.)

I searched for a new job. When I called Brother Tom Westburgh, the principal at De La Salle, he said, "You know, we know each other." Bro. Tom was the cousin of my old girl friend. When I got out of the navy, she was a senior at Holy Names and at graduation she took a job teaching in Guam. Anyway, I was at DLS for nine years. I was going to explain my leaving SCU. Some other time!..

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