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Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2011

Fr. Coz was more than a mentor, he was our friend.  While in school, he was the unofficial mascot of the rugby team (as opposed to now being the ruggers' Patron Saint), he was a staunch supporter of the "Blitzin' Redeyes" who went 55-1 over 4 years and never practiced, and, of course, he was the first to call if anyone was ever in need.  In the years since graduating, he married many of us, baptized our babies and, as with many, kept in touch with his wise counsel and sense of humor. We included Cozzie in many of our functions over the years. 


One evening in 2009 at our annual Tahoe get together the subject of the “Pause for Coz” fund came up. By the end of the night, $10,000 was raised in honor Padre. We will all miss him and are very happy that he is getting the recognition that he deserves. Richard (note that we called him by many names; he was one of the guys...) had this tremendous ability to touch so many people and make them feel special. A great man. We all miss him. 





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