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What does transparency mean to you?

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011

To me, and this is my personal view not that of the Task Force, it means working in the public to the degree possible. It also means proactively sharing as work moves along.


This task force does that here; through this blog. We also have the benefit of the University sharing in our interest -- see this great FYI article about SCU 2.0.

How do other organizations do their work in public?

What do you think are would be the pluses and minuses of doing more of our work in public?

I would love to hear from faculty, staff, students, and administration about how their work could benefit or be hindered by being more transparent. Let’s take off the table for the moment issues that are generally thought to be extreme (grades, personal finance, personnel issues).

Think about your day to day work. Might an error have been caught if others were looking at a work product earlier? Might calendaring issues been seen sooner and resolved more easily? Could costs be kept down if we crowdsourced ideas?

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Mike Levenhagen said on Dec 1, 2011
Transparency is a tricky notion to get one's head around. It is the result of an integration. It is a manifestation of spirit. Transparency is diaphaneity; it does not disturb, distort, hide, or obfuscate illumination falling upon it. It enables the ability to see through concepts, terms, words, abstractions, perspectives, time, space, images, mechanisms (administrative) to what exists below. Transparency implies openness, flexibility, authenticity, sincerity, credibity and presence. It is a single awareness from yesterday, today, and tomorrow simultaneously. Be well.
Teri Escobar said on Jan 25, 2012
Mike Levenhagen brings up a valid point.
Terri Griffith said on Jan 25, 2012
I'm involved with an on-line process to describe and create management 2.0. Very interesting to see these ideas play out in real organizations. I have a recent blog post (just learned our lovely comment system doesn't accept links?!!) terrigriffith dot com slash blog and it's the management 2.0 post from last week.
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