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Church Work Phish

Wednesday, Jul. 2, 2014

 The Information Security Office recently recieved a phishing email. How did we know that it was a phish email?

After reading through the first paragraph of the email, notice that there are grammatical errors and the wording is very strange. The second paragraph also has grammatical errors. It tries to get people to reply to the email saying that the woman's husband is dead, but rich. It's a typical my-husband-is-dead-but-I-got-his-money-and-I'm-giving-it-away phish. The third paragraph should be the most suspicious because it says "this fund is deposited in a bank in the country where my husband worked ...", so you have to give her your personal informtion so a lawyer can transfer it to you. Please remember to never give out personal information to suspicious emails. Last but not least, the basis of the donation was on the user's "church work". But the ISO doesn't really do church work, so it's strange that someone would donate money for the ISO's "church work" . Therefore, this is a phishing email. 

If you recieve an email similar to this, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND BACK!

church work phish email

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