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Video installation tells Old Testament story through lens of modern technology

Friday, Oct. 22, 2004

Santa Clara, Calif. Oct. 22, 2004 – For three nights in November, the Mission Church at Santa Clara University will host a unique adaptation of “The Book of Ruth.” The production will recreate the Old Testament story of Ruth within the context of present- day Silicon Valley. The production projects digital frescoes on to the walls of the mission Church to offer a modern-day interpretation of the complex series of encounters and decisions that faced Ruth in the Old Testament. 

“Book of Ruth” will run for three nights, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Nov. 8 -- 10 from 8  to 10 p.m.  Admission is free.  Families and children are encouraged to attend.

“The Book of Ruth” is co-created and directed by Mark Larson, artist in residence for the Loyola Residential Learning Community at SCU and Kristen Kusanovich, faculty member in the dance department at SCU.

Larson and Kusanovich said that “The Book of Ruth” could not be fully captured in a conventional play, but could be “experienced in a really unique way if the characters could be projected as larger than life through video”  The choice of venue and method of telling Ruth’s story was not accidental. 

Larson and Kusanovich chose to contrast a modern interpretation of the Old Testament with the traditional, meditative atmosphere of the Mission. In doing so, they hoped to bridge the gap between a story of strength and grace told thousands of years ago and the everyday struggles faced by individuals on campus and in the community.

Though the video tableaus address 10 points from the story of Ruth in chronological sequence, they can be viewed in any order from any point in the projection just as one would view a more traditional collection of art pieces.

“The Book of Ruth” project was funded by a grant from the Bannan Center for Jesuit Education, one of the four centers of distinction at SCU. The Bannan Grants are awarded to give faculty, staff, and students to explore the implications of the Ignatian and Jesuit spirituality in the ongoing life of the university.  Kusanovich said that this type of project would give “actors and non-actors a place to explore and develop themselves, and their relationships with others and strengthen their faith.”

For more information contact Kristin Kusanovich at 408-554-2177.

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