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High Tech Law Institute kicks into high gear

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2001

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-Oct. 16, 2001- Santa Clara University's High Tech Law Institute announced its new fall program line-up this month, including a new speaker series that teams the University community with leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

The institute, part of the University's School of Law, officially launched in August with a new master's degree in intellectual property law, the first of its kind on the West Coast.

On Oct. 25, the institute will join Stanford University Law School to co-sponsor "The Future of Music Coalition Nationwide Speaking Tour." Starting at noon, Jenny Toomey of Future of Music Coalition (FMC) will visit SCU to talk about copyright law and the balance between musician and citizen's rights. At 6 p.m., Toomey will join professors from SCU and Stanford in a panel discussion regarding some of the critical issues currently at the intersection of music, technology, law and policy. Issues will include traditional music business models, the digital commons, the copyright bargain, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and public domain issues. The evening presentation will take place at Stanford University.

The FMC event follows the success of the institute's first undertaking as a co-sponsor of last week's cloning discussion at SCU, "California Cloning: Responses to the Report of the State Advisory Committee on Human Cloning." The day-long session brought together leading experts to discuss the ethical, scientific, religious, and legal aspects of human cloning and stem cell research.

On Nov. 2, the institute will host the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for a one-day "back-to-basics" workshop titled "Green Lights and Red Flags: FTC Rules of the Road for Advertisers" at SCU. The session focuses on complying with online advertising laws. The roster includes FTC attorneys, local legal experts, and FTC Commissioner Sheila F. Anthony- a featured guest speaker. Co-sponsors include FTC, SCU High Tech Law Institute, and San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Corporate Counsel Association.

As part of a long-range program plan, the institute this month also rolls out "Founders in the Spotlight," a new Silicon Valley speaker series featuring "real entrepreneurs, real stories." The series, sponsored by the institute's Start-up Law Group, brings founders of Silicon Valley companies to SCU to share their insights with law, business, and engineering students. The monthly series invites prestigious guests into the classroom, exposing students to the experiences of Silicon Valley visionaries such as Michael McNeilly, founder, Applied Materials, Audrey MacLean, co-founder and former CEO of Adaptive, and Guy Kawasaki, founder of Garage Technology Ventures and former Apple Computers Inc. executive.

"The institute launched aggressively this summer with a new LL.M degree, a comprehensive course offering, and a series of programs designed to team students together with some of today's leading legal experts," said Elizabeth Powers, director of the High Tech Law Institute. "We look forward to maintaining momentum as we continue to meet the needs of our students and the legal community."

Out of the 2,597 people that applied to Santa Clara University's School of Law for 2001, 47 percent expressed an interest in high tech law. Out of the 297 first-year SCU law students, 10 percent have advanced degrees in science or engineering.

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The High Tech Law Institute, part of SCU law school, launched in August 2001 with a new LL.M. in intellectual property law. The institute is designed to promote and advance the study and development of intellectual property law and related laws and policies as applied to existing and emerging technologies. Built on a quarter-century of intellectual property and technology law focus at SCU's law school, the institute offers more than 40 technology law courses per year, including courses in core intellectual property, corporate, international, computer/Internet/communications, and life sciences law. For more information, visit the institute's new web site at

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