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Commonspot Cache Files

Wednesday, Apr. 12, 2006
Commonspot creates a cache file copy of a page the first time it is requested from the server, following the creation of the page or any update to the page on the cms server.  This helps Commonspot deliver pages on the servers more rapidly; the system doesn't need to get updated data from the database every time the page is requested - it just builds a copy of the page following a change published from the cms server. Sometimes a previously-created cache file isn't cleared from the www servers when you update a page and publish the change in Commonspot; you'll notice this if a published change appears to revert back to an older version on (when one of the www servers hasn't updated the cache file), or a change published in Commonspot isn't displayed on www after several hours have elapsed.  The Web Publishing site includes a step-by-step guide for handling these Commonspot cache issues.

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