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Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2006

The search form on the SCU home page has been modified to include two options: search the SCU web site (using Google) or search for people (using the Campus Directory database).  Feedback from site visitors indicated that people and organizations were difficult to find -  the original search form included an option to search for people and organizations via a selection menu, but this interface wasn't clearly showing the available options.  The search system has also been modified to simplify the display of search results.  Previously, top search results from the phonebook, map, event calendar, and site index were being displayed before the Google search results.  That's been removed, so that the higher-priority Google results are displayed prominently.  The options to search within the directory, map, calendar, and site index are still available.

Update: The base template's search form has been updated to use the SCU Web Site / People search options used on the home page.  As Commonspot pages and templates are updated, the original version of the search form will be replaced with the new version automatically.

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