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Campus Recreation's Ways to Conserve Energy

IMG_4286There are solar panels lining the roof of the Malley Center to cut down  on the amount of energy consumed. To learn more about our solar panels, click here.




All cardio equipment (33 machines), with the exception of six  treadmills, operates on self-generated energy that means the machines  are "Powered by Sweat." Look for stickers on these machines to highlight  that you are powering it up.Powered by sweat





Curve_treadmills_copy_headlinesCampus Recreation recently bought two new Woodway Treadmills, that have  been featured on "The Biggest Loser", which operate on self-generated  energy. Patrons burn 30% more calories on these machines and we save  597.4 KW of energy, which is enough to power your computer for 10 years!



There are motion sensors located in the work room, laundry room,  conference room and storage rooms. Lights only come on when someone is  using the rooms. In the past, the work room lights were on from 6:30a.m.-midnight (business hours) but now when you walk in, they are OFF! Is there a room in your building, home or office that could use a motion sensor? They are easy to install. Contact Facilities to learn more.

The Basketball Courts have six light switches. We keep all but one  light off in the morning when people are not using the courts. If you  ever want more light just ask the Front Desk staff to turn more on and  they will be happy to do so.

Our hallway and lobby lights are turned off daily when the sun comes  up and are turned on when the sun goes down. Are there lights in your  office that could be turned off during the day when the sun is up due to  the amount of natural light you have?