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Campus Recreation's Ways to Conserve Paper

savepapersavetrees_header1We now have new stickers on ALL of our paper towel dispensers. After  working with a SLURP class project in spring 2012 that prompted patrons  to use two pumps or eight to ten inches of paper towels, Campus  Recreation took SLURPS idea and developed these stickers. The next time  you are using paper towels remember they come from trees and only use  what you need.

SLURPS has added a sign to all nine paper towel dispensers at the Malley  Center to educate patrons on their paper towel usage. Patrons only need  to pump the dispenser twice to receive 8-10 inches of paper towel!  Remember these come from trees.

Campus Recreation implemented the use of QR codes to save paper. Those  with smart phones can scan the QR links located on flyers (which still  contain the website information as well for those without smart phones).  A QR code takes patrons directly to the website on their smart phone,  where they will find more extensive information.

In Fall 2009 we stopped printing brochures for fitness classes or  intramural sports and have thus saved money on printing and paper costs.  Our annual fitness brochures used to be 3 - 4 pages long and we would  print over 500 copies.Now, we have laminated copies for each quarter  available for viewing at the Malley Center Front Desk. All information  can also be found on our website.  What can your department stop  printing?