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Malley Center Policies

On this page you will find Campus Recreation General Facility Policies, Use of Facility Guidelines (Memberships, ID policy, Guest, Minors), and links to our activity space policies within the Malley Center.

General Facility Policies

  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • All items left within recreational facilities will be collected and held for up to two weeks. Items left after two weeks will be donated to a local charitable organization.
  • Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the recreational facilities.
  • Patrons are responsible for removing their trash from activity spaces and using the trash bins in the main hallway to recycle, compost or throw away the trash accordingly.
  • Enclosed water bottles with water only are allowed in activity areas; however no glass containers are allowed. 
  • No tobacco or alcohol products of any kind are allowed in any recreational facilities. Patrons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the particular facility immediately.
  • Roller blades, bicycles, and skateboards are not allowed within the recreational facilities. Skateboards maybe left behind the Malley Center Front Desk upon entry into the facility. Bicycles must be locked up outside in the designated areas. Bicycles can not be left inside any of the facilities for any period of time.  
  • Participants should attend to matter of personal hygiene as well as cleanliness of workout wear.
  • Non-marking, closed toe athletic shoes must be worn in all activity spaces. Any patron wearing shoes that mark the court floors will be asked to change shoes before he/she may continue participation. Patrons may not participate in socks or bare feet (except while in a fitness class as directed by the instructor).
  • Activity spaces must be kept clear of personal items. Backpacks and gear bags should be stored in lockers or cubbyholes within activity spaces. Bags lying on the floor within activity spaces will be moved into cubbyholes.
  • Patrons using personal stereos must have headphones. Groups that have reserved the Multipurpose Room may play their own personal stereo without headphones.
  • No pets are allowed in recreational facilities except for appropriately labeled guide dogs assisting disabled persons.
  • Patrons exhibiting abusive behavior, either verbally or physically, toward another patron or Campus Recreation Staff will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Patrons may be suspended from using recreation facilities for his/her abusive behavior. If a patron refuses to leave the facility upon request of a Camus Recreation Staff member, Campus Safety will be contacted to remove the patron.
  • Due to limited space only part of one display is reserved for Campus Events. To have your flyer posted here please leave a copy with the Front Desk staff for approval. Postings are limited to SCU sponsored events. 
  • All photography, videotaping, etc. within recreation facilities must be pre-approved by the Director of Recreation. Photography or videotaping for commercial purposes must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communication.
  • Participants and guests must abide by all posted and written policies as well as comply with request made by Campus Recreation Staff members.
  • The recreation facilities and activity spaces are subject to 24-hour surveillance. The video is randomly monitored by Campus Recreation Staff and Campus Safety.
  • Campus Recreation Staff reserves the right to refuse service to any participant.
  • Requests should be for event that are athletic, fitness, or recreation based. 
  • Fitness classes can only be demonstrations lasting 20 minutes no more and they must be conducting by nationally certified fitness instructor. Campus Recreation must have their certification on-file 48 hours before the event. 

Use of the Facility

  • Use of the Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center, Sullivan Aquatic Center, Bellomy Field and Degheri Tennis Center is provided free of charge to current students, faculty, staff and retirees with a valid ACCESS card. 
  • Spouses of students, faculty, staff and retirees may obtain a Malley Center Membership Card free of charge by registering at the Malley Center Front Desk during business hours.
  • Alumni and their spouses are eligible to purchase a membership for a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. Alumni spouses qualify only if their alumnus spouse is a member. To learn more see Membership.
  • The general public is not eligible for membership.
ID Policy
  • Participants gain entry into all facilities used by Campus Recreation, including the Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center, Degheri Tennis Center, and Sullivan Aquatic Center by using their ACCESS card, VIP ACCESS, or Malley Center Membership card.
  • Any attempt to gain or provide unauthorized entry into recreation facilities may result in suspension of privileges. 
  • All ACCESS, VIP ACCESS and Malley Center Membership cards are non-transferable.
  • Members who forget their ACCESS or Malley Center Membership card may check-in to the facilities by presenting a valid form of photo ID to the Campus Recreation staff. All members will be allowed a one time look up with an alternative form of photo ID once per quarter. After the first "look-up" participants who fail to bring a valid ACCESS or Malley Center Membership card will be required to purchase a guest pass or return to the facility with their card.
  • Lost or stolen Malley Center Membership cards can be replaced for a nominal fee.
  • Campus Recreation reserves the right to perform random identification checks within all our facilities to ensure the safety and security of all our patrons.
  • Guest are welcome to use the Malley Center and the Sullivan Aquatic Center with a sponsoring member for a nominal fee per guest per visit per day. For more information see Guest Passes.
Minor Children
  • Minor children (under 18 years of age) of students, faculty, staff and alumni members may enter the facilities free of charge. For more information see Minor Children.

Basketball Courts

  • The Malley Center has three basketball courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton for more information & the court policies see Basketball Courts.

Multipurpose Room 

  • The multipurpose room is used for fitness classes, club sports & other student organizations.  If the room is not currently reserved it is free to be used by all patrons for open recreation. For more information and the policies please see Multipurpose Room.

Weight Room

  • The weight room holds 187 patrons & is busiest from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. For more information about the weight room and for the weight room policies please see Weight Room.