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Major/Minor/Core Approval for Courses Abroad

Study Abroad Courses Pre-Approved for Majors, Minors, and the Core Curriculum

To search the database of study abroad courses pre-approved for majors, minors, and the Core Curriculum enter information about the course or program in the search and browse boxes below.

The search results will deliver the Program, Country, City/School, Course Number, Title, SCU department and SCU Equivalent.

  • the second column from the right provides information about which SCU Major/Minor/Core requirements courses have been evaluated for.
  • the far right column specifies whether the course has been approved or not approved for Core 2009.

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Important Notes

  • Core Curriculum
    • Learning Objectives: Students, prior to requesting a course approval to satisfy a Core Requirement you should consult the Undergraduate Core Curriculum Guide and confirm that the study abroad course meets the learning objections of the Core requirement being requested.
    • Religious Studies: Only the 2nd of the three RTC Core requirements can be satisfied with a course completed through study abroad. Students admitted as freshmen must complete the three RTC courses in sequence, and RTC 3 only counts for the Core after the student has completed 88 units. Transfer students who matriculate with 44 or more units complete any two RTC requirements in any order.
    • Diversity: The SCU Core Diversity requirement deals with US Domestic multiculturalism. Courses abroad that deal with global diversity, rather that US domestic multiculturalism, do not meet the SCU Core Diversity requirement.
    • Second Language: Students taking a first year language course in its country of origin on a SCU approved study abroad program can receive credit towards their Core second language requirement. If a language is studied abroad, but not in the country of origin, a student, when returning to SCU, can take a language qualifying examination. Students will receive credit according to the level of the course taken.
  • Majors and Minors
    • The Communication Department will accept no more that two courses taken abroad for the major. Approved courses count as COMM electives. Lower division required COMM courses (COMM 1, 2, 12, 20, 30 or 40), COMM List A (theory), List B (media production), method courses (COMM 110, 111), and thesis/capstone (COMM 196, 197) cannot be taken abroad.
    • The Marketing Department will accept only one course taken abroad to count toward a Marketing student's major. Exceptions will be considered only on a case by case basis.
    • Management:
      • MGMT 160 is a pre-requisite for the following MGMT electives:MGMT 161, 163, 164, 166, 167, 170, 171, 172, 175, 198 and 199 and must be completed prior to enrolling in the above courses.
      • MGMT 80 students may request credit for the equivalent of MGMT 80 for courses taken abroad, however, students should note that most study abroad courses equivalent to MGMT 80 do not satisfy the Cultures & Ideas 3 requirement.
    • Studio Art or Art History courses taken during a term of study abroad normally may be applied to no more than half of the requirements for a major or minor in Studio Art or Art History.
    • Other: If you have questions regarding the requirements for your major or minor. Please contact your advisor or department for assistance.

The database is administered by the Global Engagement Office - SCU Study Abroad.


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