Santa Clara University

Residential Learning Communities


Xavier - Sanfilippo Hall
Residential Learning Community
Themes Educating our students to be responsible global citizens and live in solidarity.
Description Xavier is a freshman/sophomore residence hall located on the east side of Santa Clara University's campus.  Xavier students recognize the global reality of today's world and see their community as a place where students interested in global issues come together to better understand that world.  Xavier is an RLC for those who want to make a difference.
Residence Hall
(see #10 on map...)
Sanfilippo Hall
Living Space Traditional residence hall with double rooms off hallway
Floors 3
Community Make-up Freshmen & sophomores
Additional Features Double rooms, new vanities with sink, and large closets; hall restroom, TV lounges and laundry on each floor; surrounded by large barbeque lawn courtyard
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