Santa Clara University

Professional Staff

Angela - 1

Angela Perry, M.Ed. | Resident Director

Hey, da Vinci! I am your Resident Director! This is my first year working at Santa Clara University, and I am excited about the experience ahead. I grew up in the Bay Area and did my undergraduate studies at the University of California, Irvine. I then served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. I earned a M.Ed. in Post-secondary Administration and Student Affairs at the University of Southern California where I was also a Residence Coordinator. I most recently worked at Mills College as a Residence Director before joining the da Vinci Leadership Team. My office is in Casa 9, so please stop in and introduce yourself or say "Hi" when you see me around the community.

Dr. Tauck

David L. Tauck, Ph.D | Faculty Director

Hi, da Vinci! After growing up in Southern California, I went to school out east where I studied Biology and Spanish at Middlebury and earned my Ph.D in Physiology at Duke. Then I did  post-doc's at Stanford and Harvard before accepting a job in the Biology Department here at SCU! I teach Human Physiology and Nutrition as well as Fitness Physiology, a course for non-science majors. Finally, my friend Dr. Kesten of the Physics Department and I recently coauthored two physics textbooks for pre-med students. I was the first person to move into New Casa when it opened in 2003. I hold regular office hours in Casa 20 (around the corner from the desk) so stop by sometime! You can also find me at dV events! 

Lin - 1
Lin Duangnapa | Resident Minister

Hi! I am excited to be a part of the da Vinci community this year. This will be my third year as Resident Minister here in Casa, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, having a good time, and providing a welcoming and rich experience for all of you.

A little bit about myself - I was born in Bangkok, Thailand but I grew up in Southern California in a little beach town called El Segundo. In my undergraduate years at UC Santa Barbara I studied Psychology and Education. I continue to pursue my passion for helping others here at SCU as I finish up a second license in the Masters in Counseling Psychology program. I look forward to meeting you!


In Residence



Fr. John Rose, S.J. | Jesuit in Residence

Hi! I am from the Xavier Institute of Engineering in Mumbai, India. Two years ago I came to SCU to earn a MS in Computer Engineering. After earning my MS, I returned to the Xavier Institute where I served as deputy director for two years.

I returned to SCU in January of 2013 to pursue a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. Presently my research includes Trench Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (TIGBT's) and Variational Thermodynamic Methods. As a 'Jesuit In Residence' I would like to propagate Yogic practices meant to encourage good health and peace within. My door is always open for CLC group meetings and anyone interested in Yoga. My favorite prayer is: "Lord, lead me from unreal to reality, from darkness to light (knowledge); from death to immortality. Peace to all beings." 

Student Staff


Marie - 1

Marie Bachechi | Assistant Resident Director

Hi! I am a senior double majoring in Biology and Psychology and minoring in Art History. I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I love it there! I was a CF for two years before I became the ARD for da Vinci this year. I love to bake, exercise, play video games, and READ! I can't wait to see you all having a good time in da Vinci. Don't hesitate to talk to me, I would love to get to know you!

Aaron - 1

Aaron Burns | Community Facilitator

Hi da Vinci! I am from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, which is really close to Canada, and I am sorry about that. I love skiing and snowshoeing, but I am also a fan of swimming and just chilling out. I am a Mechanical Engineering major, but I have a lot of different passions that range from acting on stage, to competitive salsa dancing, to improvisational comedy, to Pokemon. As a CF, I want to make the entire Santa Clara Community your playground, just as it has been and will be for me! 

Alex - 1

Alex Casares | Community Facilitator

Hello there! I am a senior this year majoring in Civil Engineering. This is my second year as a CF, but it is my first year living on the first floor. Outside of studying, going to school, and being a CF, I enjoy running, spending time with friends, and very occasionally sleeping. Most Saturday mornings you can find me at the local farmer's market. My door is open most evenings, so come on by - I might even be baking cookies, and I promise they will not disappoint. Welcome to da Vinci!

Astrid - 1

Astrid Ruiz | Community Facilitator

Hello da Vinci! I am from Modesto, California. I am a junior double majoring in Psychology and Liberal Studies (with a Child Studies emphasis). I absolutely love SCU and my da Vinci community! This will be my first year as a Community Facilitator and I am beyond excited! I love to dance, run, and do anything that requires being active. I also love baking, volunteering, meeting new people, and laughing (a lot). When I graduate, I want to stay here at SCU until I earn my Masters in Counseling Psychology. Some day I hope to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Come get to know me, my door is always open! I can't wait to meet all of you! 

Hannah - 1

Hannah Baker | Community Facilitator

Hello, hello! I am so excited to welcome you to the Casa family and to be a part of it myself! I am an Oregon-born girl composed of my mama, papa, and the twins. The twins are my incredible younger siblings, Gabriella and Tristan, and they are two of the funniest kids I have ever met. I am currently undeclared, but I have interests in Biology, Art History, and Higher Education. Come find me if you want to talk, sing, dance, giggle, or watch funny YouTube videos! Welcome to Casa, we are so glad you are here!

Maza - 1

Maza Brady | Community Facilitator

Well hello there! I can't wait to welcome you to our Italian family! I am from The Dalles, Oregon, but I lived for many years in a small town near Barquisimeto in Venezuela. I am currently a senior both pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and enjoying the great opportunities here at SCU. I am a huge fan of musicals, small animals, nature, and duct tape! In addition to these, I enjoy singing for the Mission Church Choir, dancing, games of all sorts, and playing pick up matches of Frisbee. I also love traveling, and I hope someday to live in Latin America again. I love meeting new people, so come on by!

Mitch - 1

Mitchell Song | Community Facilitator

Hi! I am excited to have you in the da Vinci community! I am a junior Political Science and Sociology double-major, and I hope one day to become a lawyer. In my free time I enjoy long-boarding, swimming, and eating. Come down to any food related program in Casa and you will find me there! I can't wait to meet all of you!

Nancy - 1

Nancy Orocio | Community Facilitator

Hello da Vinci! I am a junior double-majoring in Political Science and Ethnic Studies. When I graduate I intend to take a year off and then go grad school. I hope to pursue a career in public policy. I was born in Mexico, but I moved to the Bay Area when I was 11 months old and I have lived here ever since. I love to read, dance, run, and cook. I spend a good amount of time with my family and friends, and also with my da Vinci family! I love chatting with people, so feel free to stop by anytime - if you are lucky, I might even have some delicious food to share!

Patrick - 1

Patrick Tavelli | Community Facilitator

Hey da Vinci! I am from Boise, Idaho, and I am so excited to be one of your CF's this year. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Bioengineering (pre-med track) and minoring in English or Mathematics. I love people, school, drawing, and all of the following: camping, hiking, rafting, skiing, running, volleyball, tennis, Frisbee, board gaming, video gaming, and card gaming. I am pretty much up to participate in any sport, game, or academic pursuit that is currently available (with the exception of Basketball). I am also a state certified EMT with SCU EMS, so if you need help or just want to say hi, come on up to my room (450) and give me a shout!

Peter - 1
Peter Chester | Community Facilitator

Hey! How is it going da Vinci? I am from Sacramento, California (916 represent!). I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major, and I love sports, having deep conversations, relaxing with friends, building things (if you need help fixing your bike, hit me up!), and doing anything outside! On campus I am involved with Core Christian Fellowship, I love hanging out in Benson, and I enjoy being out in the beautiful California weather! This is my fourth year living in da Vinci, and I have loved every minute of it! Stop by my suite, 250, sometime and say hi!