Santa Clara University

So What is Delphi all About? 




We are a community of students, staff and faculty that centers around Performing Arts and Communication. Whether one of these will be your major or not, Delphi Community is just a cool place to live. We get our name from the center of prophecy in Ancient Greece, where people came to find a vision for their lives. Our home is a modern eleven-story building that offers an old-fashioned College life-style, with lively inter-action between all who live here. There is also a chance for quiet and privacy in our spacious Sky Lounge and study areas. Besides arts-oriented activities, we offer immersion trips to experience "how the other half lives" as part of the university's commitment to social justice. We share Swig Hall with another dynamic RLC, Cypress, whose emphasis is environmental studies. So along with art exhibits, film festivals and talent nights, you’ll share ideas and activities about sustaining Nature and Health on our planet. We also provide assistance and leadership of a more personal nature through our resident ministers, directors and faculty. 

Here are some of the things that make Delphi special:

  • Lounge Acts, our quarterly Talent Show
  • Monday Night Socials with the Cypress RLC
  • Student Art Exhibits of Painting, Sculpture, and Photography
  • Open-mike and Improv Nights
  • Building houses in impoverished Tijuana
  • Environmental and sustainability projects with the Cypress RLC
  • Quiet time and meditative sessions
  • Liturgies and Mass held in the RLC
  • Our annual trip to the Chochella Music Festival
  • Delphi Dollar-Nite at Campus Theater Dance and Music Concerts
  • Group trips to local shows and concerts - subsidized by Delphi!
  • The annual dinner-dance with the Cypress RLC

You can click the "Recent Activities" link to the left to learn more about many of them.

Please consider joining us for an interesting and lively time at Santa Clara. 

Frederick Tollini S.J., Faculty Director

Dave Machado, Resident Director