Santa Clara University

Recent Activities

TIJUANA IMMERSION TRIP. Each year, Delphi & Cypress members team up with Xavier students to work with AMOR MINISTRIES in Tijuana, Mexico, building houses for the poor. This takes place during the first four days of Christmas vacation. Last December, 27 students, staff and faculty built two homes for families who lived in makeshift shelters in a sprawling barrio outside the city. We help very poor people who come North seeking work. The spiritual growth, besides the physical work we do providing others with a roof over their heads, makes this hardy experience one of the most worthwhile of the school year.

LOUNGE ACTS. Delphi’s emphasis is on the Arts and Communication. But both RLCs living in Swig Hall share an enthusiasm for putting our talent on the line. Each quarter we have an "amateur talent" night. Students from all ten floors of the building volunteer to sing, dance, play guitars and drums, or piano and violin and even combine poetry reading with stand-up comedy. These nights are fun and every year new talents emerge to help create the community.

LITURGIES. Besides the many activities of the Resident Ministry Team, we offer at least one evening of religious worship each quarter. Sometimes, the resident Faculty Director, Fr. Fred Tollini S.J. offers Mass; at others, we have an inter-denominational service, conducted by students or by some one from the resident faculty, like Brother Keith Warner OFM.

MONDAY NIGHT SOCIALS. Each Monday night, all students are invited to attend an hour social (9-10 PM) in the Sky Lounge. Usually, it’s handled by the CFs from one or two of the floors and varies in food and music provided from Pizza and to Ice Cream and sometimes Breakfast Cereal!

... DISCOVER is a group that meets once a week to discuss the "burning questions" such as faith, politics, and what you want to do with your life. We are open to freshmen through seniors and you can join anytime during the year. The group usually meets in one of the Resident Ministry apartments. If you are interested in checking it out, talk to one of your Resident Minister's (RM) or look for flyers in the building.

... Delphi also offers in-house lectures in related fields of study and “mini” courses. Offerings have includes lectures on current music, dance, and theater performances on campus, preparing for Careers in the Arts, and film courses. Recent film courses include: “The Films of Stanley Kubrick,” with movies like 2001, Dr. Strangelove, Clockwork Orange, and Eyes Wide Shut, and “Clint Eastwood: Director.”

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