Santa Clara University

Welcome to the Unity Residential Learning Community!


Are you interested in and willing to share in the diversity of cultures and interests that make up our world, our country and Santa Clara University?

Unity is a two year (sometimes more) community open to all undergraduates who seek a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity as a catalyst for social and civic engagement.

Unity offers students numerous opportunities to explore all aspects of diversity. We offer programs and events in a wide range of diversity themed topics such as: Social Justice, Socioeconomic, Sexuality/Gender, Culture/Race, Religion, and much more.

The exploration, understanding and appreciation of diversity are fostered through courses, co-curricular programming and residential programming. Unity RLC is open to anyone willing to explore and discern who they truly are as well as others. We strongly believe that exposure and understanding of different ways of thinking is essential to reaching one's potential. It is with this in mind that we plan and implement opportunities for our students to learn about a world larger than themselves, Unity, SCU or their country.