Welcome to the new santaclaramagazine.com

Welcome to the new santaclaramagazine.com
by Clay Hamilton |
It's more than just a new look. Here at the online SCM, you'll now find new material every week—with updates from around campus and throughout the SCU Alumniverse.

For more than 30 years, Santa Clara Magazine has been on a journey, moving from a small mag sent out to approximately 25,000 alumni twice a year to its present state as a national award-winning quarterly with a circulation of over 80,000. The steps and destinations of this journey have kept the magazine relevant, interesting, and attractive to its readers, from design changes and new editorial direction to online issues and web-exclusive content.

An online magazine is more, though, than a digital repository of its print counterpart. It should make you want to come back, and it should offer you the opportunity to explore where a print mag can't go. And so we're taking the next step in our journey with the new santaclaramagazine.com. It's more than a new look. It's an online magazine that publishes unique stories, special video features, and fresh content on an ongoing, weekly basis while still providing digital versions of the print magazine along with supporting web-exclusive content.



You'll find each issue of SCM on the site, organized by issue. You'll also find stories organized under channels: groupings by theme and topic that let you explore current and past material in the magazine. Channels range from Athletics to Innovations, and they bring together web-only stories as well as material from the print mag. Stories have also been tagged. In web parlance, this means that tags like "features" or "The University today" show up at the bottom of each story. Clicking on the tag will pull up a list of related stories.



The new site doesn't just organize stories. We're working on making the site as platform-friendly as possible. Whether you're on a laptop, a tablet, or smartphone, santaclaramagazine.com is both easy to look at and use.

So please explore the new site. Needless to say, a project of this undertaking is a work in progress. But that's the whole point, actually: that it expands and changes and amalgamates more good stuff over time.

Over the upcoming months we will be adding new content weekly, as well as archival material from past issues of the magazine. Let us know what you think—whether it's a cheer, a problem, a question. Use our comment form here, or drop us an email at scmagazine@scu.edu.

Winter 2014

Table of contents


Rise up, my love

There are the sanctuaries built for worship—and that carry beauty and grace for all to see. Then there are the improvised places of faith, perhaps more subtle in how they speak to the wonder worked there.

The chaplain is in the House

With the way things have gone recently in Congress, looking to the heavens for some help and guidance might seem like a very good idea. In fact, that’s what Pat Conroy, S.J., M.Div. ’83 is there to do.

Welcome to Citizenville

Who published the one book on government in 2013 that conservative firebrand Newt Gingrich told all true believers that they should read? Well, the author is now lieutenant governor of California. Before that, he was mayor of San Francisco. That’s right: It’s Gavin Newsom ’89.

Mission Matters


Women’s soccer wins the West Coast Conference championship.

Patent trolls, beware

The White House has brought on SCU’s Colleen Chien, a leading expert in patent law, as senior advisor.

A sight of innocence

George Souliotes went to prison for three life sentences after he was convicted of arson and murder. Twenty years later, he’s out—after the Northern California Innocence Project proved he didn’t do it.