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Paul P. Mariani, S.J.
Phone: 408-554-4124
Location: O'Connor Hall
Room number: O'Connor Hall 9
Courses taught:
HIST 92: History of Modern East Asia HIST 147A: Premodern China HIST 147B: Modern China

Paul P. Mariani, S.J.

Assistant Professor, History Department

My ongoing research focuses on religious policy and conflict in the People's Republic of China. More specifically, I focus on Christian resistance in post-1949 China. My recent work, Resistance: The Secret History of Bishop Kung Pinmei, the Jesuits, and Catholic Militants in Communist Shanghai, 1949-1960, explores church/state conflict in a time of mounting tension between the newly victorious Chinese Communist Party and Shanghai's well-organized Catholic community. This work investigates the impact early party campaigns had on one particular social sector, and questions the received wisdom as to whether the 1950s were such a "golden age" for China after all. In addition, I also teach survey courses in Premodern China, Modern China, and Modern East Asia. I am also developing a course on the History of Christianity in China.

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