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As more newspapers go out of print and more newsrooms merge, dozens of students from Bishop Elementary School in Sunnyvale are getting ready to launch a newspaper of their own – The Bobcat.

Their teacher Jennifer Zehenni took on this project this year and reached out to fifth graders, asking if anyone would be interested in becoming a reporter or an editor to help create the school’s first newspaper. The response was overwhelming – 50 students volunteered, 12 as editors. Any of the students can submit drawings, poetry, and stories to be published in the paper, including the youngest of the bunch – the kindergarteners.

But Zehenni wanted her students to get a better sense of how newsrooms operate and how newspapers are designed and distributed. She reached out to her alma mater, Santa Clara University, to see if the school’s student newspaper staff could help. The college students were thrilled and are now preparing for the kids’ visit. The 12 editors will be on SCU’s campus on Friday, May 28 at 2:45 p.m.

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