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Congratulations Senior Engineering Design Winners 2011

Friday, May. 6, 2011

A team of engineering students working on a solar-powered, low-cost neonatal incubator for use in Nigeria were among the 16 winners of Santa Clara University School of Engineering Senior Design Conference 2011. 

The conference, held on May 5, featured 65 projects by seniors majoring in electrical, mechanical, civil, computer and bioengineering. The presentations all showcased the mix of hands-on experience and theoretical learning that honors SCU's mission to educate thoughtful and responsible leaders and innovators of the future.

The winning  "capstone" projects included designs for affordable and sustainable building materials and techniques for earthquake-ravaged Haiti;  a computer application to support fair trade around the world; a surgical fire safety and prevention system, and a rugged single-seat off-road vehicle. More details on the entries can be found in the program.

Congratulations to the winners for 2011!  

Bioengineering Session 1
Surgical Fire Safety and Prevention System
West Askew, Michelle Bohner
Advisor: Paul Davison

Bioengineering Session 2
Probing the Mechanical Properties of Muscle Stem Cells
Lauren Jauregui, Sandeep Kaur, Arille Jeriza Virrey
Advisors: James Grainger, Unyoung Kim

Civil Engineering Session 1
EBNet Haiti Bamboo Connections
Jake Echeverria, Chris Sampson
Advisors: Mark Aschheim, Tonya Nilsson

Civil Engineering Session 2
Sustainable Design of an Outdoor Classroom
Anne Drinkward, Jeanine Ruffoni
Advisor: Mark Aschheim

Civil Engineering Session 3
Low-Tech Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter
Ami Cobb, Mikell Warms
Advisors: Steven Chiesa, Edwin Maurer

Civil Engineering Session 4
Residential Hill-Top Design:  Phase Two
Jonathan Perez
Advisors: Reynaud Serrette, Sukhmander Singh

Civil Engineering Session 5
Traffic Control and Pedestrian Bridge Design
Leanna Elserougi, Gabriela Mercado
Advisors: Rachel He, Reynaud Serrette

Computer Science and Engineering Session 1
The Future Is Green
Melissa Conlin, Michael Truong
Advisor: Rani Mikkilineni

Computer Science and Engineering Session 2
Web-based Satellite Mission Operations Dashboard
Laura Bica
Advisor: Christopher Kitts

Computer Science and Engineering Session 3
FACE: Fair Trade Aid Calculator for Everyone
Ryan Davidson, Eva Jensen, Rosalie Tolentino
Advisors: Silvia Figueira, Rani Mikkilineni

Computer Science and Engineering Session 4
Fixing Return Oriented Programming Vulnerabilities
Kevin Rowe, James Taguchi
Advisor: Joanne Holliday

Electrical Engineering Session 1
Portable Laser Guitar
Joseph Oloju, Kurt Robinson
Advisor: Sarah Kate Wilson

Electrical Engineering Session 2
Organic Polymer Solar Cells
Mark Loiseau
Advisor: Mahmud Rahman

Mechanical Engineering Session 1
Fuel Efficient Cook Stove
Abimael Bastida, Miguel Gomez, Saul Hernandez, Alejandro Lobato
Advisor: Hohyun Lee

Mechanical Engineering Session 2
SCU|MotorSports Baja SAE
Caitlyn Alexander, M. Jared Guerrero, Jason LeBlanc, E.J. McKay, Ben Richter, Zach Sanchez, Harman Sekhon
Advisors: Drazen Fabris, T. Kim Parnell

Mechanical Engineering Session 3
Hydrodynamic Test Fixture for Prosthetic Aortic Heart Valves
Nick Devich, Edward Hayes, William Hendricks
Advisors: Drazen Fabris, T. Kim Parnell

Interdisciplinary Projects
Collin Burdick, Katherine Fazackerley, Ben Frederiksen, Nick Greos, Katherine Mardula, Simi Olabisi, Matt Renner; Business students: Maria Veronica Lleva Bass, Kristen Lee
Advisors: Shoba Krishnan, Hohyun Lee

May 6, 2011

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