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18 Year Old Graduates From College

Tuesday, Jun. 7, 2011


Like many 18 year olds, Morgan Hunter is excited about graduation, the summer months, and going to college in the fall. She isn’t your typical college student, though. Hunter is preparing to graduate from college this week and begin graduate school in August.
The Palo Alto teenager was in the 7th grade when she scored a perfect 800 in the verbal section of the SAT. At the encouragement of a Santa Clara University English professor, she began taking college courses at SCU part-time the following year. When her friends began their freshman year in high school, Hunter began her freshman year at Santa Clara.
"I think I would have been horribly unsuccessful in high school," Hunter says. "There’s a lot of stuff you don’t have to worry about in college—social pressures, extracurricular activities, college applications, and pointless homework."
Hunter says she enjoyed college because she was treated like an adult, she had more free time, and she was able to major in Latin and Greek. She also studied French, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Sanskrit, and if that’s not enough, she says she plans to study Hebrew.
"I didn’t pursue all these languages so that I could speak them. It’s so that I can read scholarly material," Hunter explains. "It’s important to read literature in its original language, because translations are often interpretations. I’d rather read original text and not other people’s interpretations."
Hunter’s Latin was so good, she returned to her middle school this year to teach it.
Foreign languages aren’t her only passion. Hunter regularly participated in Café Socrates, a weekly undergraduate philosophy discussion group. She also enjoys horse-back riding and began taking lessons two years ago.
After Hunter graduates on Saturday, June 11, she’ll be working full-time as a paralegal in Palo Alto before heading off to UC Berkeley to pursue her graduate degree in classics.


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