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Blake Boznansky '98

At a glance:

Blake Boznansky '98 serves as a positive role model and works one-on-one as a "big brother" for others.

In 2007, Blake Boznansky '98, began volunteering at Big Brothers and Sisters of the Bay Area. BBS's mission is to help children reach their potential through one-on-one relationships with people who can serve as inspirational and positive role models.

Over the past four years, Boznansky has served as a big brother to Seth - a child whose father has never been present in his life. Boznansky takes comfort in watching Seth grow and become smarter with each passing day.

"Seth is currently 9 years old and lives in a household with a single mother and three other siblings, but has no father figure," explains Boznansky. "It has meant a lot to him for me to be a part of his life. It doesn't take much time or effort to change someone's life forever; so I would definitely recommend doing some sort of volunteer work as it will pay off for yourself and the people you are helping out."

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