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Liz Czapla '09

Math major
At a glance:

Math major, and huge hockey fan, easily catches games because of SCU's proximity to San Jose Sharks' hockey rink.

Hockey fan Liz Czapla '09 appreciates one perk of being a Santa Clara student: proximity to the Shark Tank, the San Jose Sharks' hockey rink.

"SCU is one of the best places to be a Sharks fan because the Tank is so close. You can get tickets on the day of a game and be there cheering them on a few hours later without having to plan ahead much because we are so close. And so many of the restaurants around campus show the Sharks' games so even if you don't have the channel that the game is played on, it's easy to find a place to watch," Czapla says.

The rink at HP Pavilion is only 2 miles from campus. And the University community turns out for games, along with fans from all over the Bay Area. "When the Sharks are in the playoffs, all of San Jose is buzzing with excitement," says Czapla. "It makes you even more excited to be a fan, it's contagious."

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