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Dalli photo

Gregory Dalli '11

Accounting major, Jazz Guitar major
At a glance:

Accounting and jazz guitar double major gets the best of both worlds at SCU.

Most people don't see much overlap between accounting and playing guitar. But for Gregory Dalli '11, the two are linked sources of happiness.

Dalli came to Santa Clara because of the top-flight business programs. And while he knew he wanted to go into accounting, he wanted to make sure he could continue studying the guitar. He's able to do both with his double major.

"Guitar is a freedom," says Dalli, who started playing in high school and got good enough to offer lessons to fellow students. He draws his inspiration from the likes of B. B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

While he doesn't plan to pursue a music career after college, Dalli wants to work in accounting for a Big Four firm or at his father's business, where he has worked since the eighth grade.

And he has no intention of giving up guitar. "Music is what will keep me sane during those long hours of working," he says.

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