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Lauren Zachmeier
M.A., Teaching with Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential (MATTC)
Lauren Zachmeier knew that she wanted to be a high school teacher, and she has enjoyed pursuing her education at Santa Clara University's School of Education and Counseling Psychology. Read the full profile »

Internships open up the future

Eric Pelfrey
Mechanical Engineering major
SCU's Career Center's many internships opens doors for mechanical engineering major. Read the full profile »

Window into the research world

Michael Hayes
Biochemistry major
Biochemistry major identifies diseases in his undergraduate research. Read the full profile »

Proximity to the Shark Tank

Liz Czapla
Math major
Math major, and huge hockey fan, easily catches games because of SCU's proximity to San Jose Sharks' hockey rink. Read the full profile »

Bringing literature to light

Terry Beers
Professor, English
English professor enlists his students to work with the California Legacy Project in reviving California literature. Read the full profile »