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Inspired to work for human rights

Marjorie Cohn
An international law course motivates this law alumna to work for human rights on a global level. Read the full profile »

Learning with the community

Vanessa DiCarlo
Religious Studies major
Through the Arrupe Center, alumna grasps the importance of community-based learning as elementary school volunteer. Read the full profile »

Close encounters with faculty who care

Steven Chiesa
Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Building dependable student-faculty connections beyond four years is a high priority for civil engineering professor. Read the full profile »

The ethics of lunch

Beth Tellman '09
Beth Tellman is studying how decisions about the food we eat affect people around the world. Read the full profile »
Yasna Martinez
M.A., Counseling Psychology. MFT and LPCC, Latino Counseling Emphasis
Yasna Martinez hopes to affect a positive change in her community, breaking down barriers to Latina/o people seeking counseling. Read the full profile »