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Keeping ahead of the pack

Elizabeth Stillman
Communication major
Communication major gains the experience needed to keep up with a fast-paced world. Read the full profile »
Kazimir Brown
Sociology Major
Sociology major receives funding from generous alumni and realizes the importance of commitment to community. Read the full profile »

Balancing music and numbers

Gregory Dalli
Accounting major, Jazz Guitar major
Accounting and jazz guitar double major gets the best of both worlds at SCU. Read the full profile »

Beijing study abroad trip transforms

Gabriel Sattayapiwat
Mathematics major, Asian American studies minor
Mathematics major takes his studies abroad to the hustle and bustle of China. Read the full profile »

Embracing community

Elico Teixeira
Engineering physics major
For engineering physics major, Santa Clara's emphasis on community set him up for success in research and graduate school. Read the full profile »