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Inspiring change from center stage

Aldo Billingslea
Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance
Theatre and dance professor inspires students to recognize social issues and use their acting skills to initiate change. Read the full profile »

Working with professionals

Joanne Martin
Lecturer, Theatre and Dance
Lecturer for theater department finds reward in teaching students, with no design experience, to construct costumes. Read the full profile »

Identifying the causes of cancer

Ángel Islas
Associate Professor, Biology
Associate biology professor studies the causes of cancer and students lend a hand in this life-changing research. Read the full profile »

Understanding the role of social class and capital

Laura Nichols
Associate Professor, Sociology
Sociologist lets students ride the city bus, the whole length of its trip, to study firsthand changes in social strata. Read the full profile »

Balancing music and numbers

Gregory Dalli
Accounting major, Jazz Guitar major
Accounting and jazz guitar double major gets the best of both worlds at SCU. Read the full profile »