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Revealing the illusion of control

Hersh Shefrin
Professor, Finance
Finance professor studies how the business of behavior plays a part in financial mishaps. Read the full profile »
Layna Harris
M.A., Counseling Psychology
Layna Harris set out to find a program that would allow her to help people and be proud of her work, which she found in counseling psychology at SCU. Read the full profile »

Steps to knowledge lead to medical school

Joyce Viloria
Biology major
Evaluating DNA enzymes as an undergraduate research student drives alumna to success in graduate school. Read the full profile »
Richard Trevisan
Lecturer, Management
Business professor uses his experience as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer to teach students inside and outside the classroom Read the full profile »
Yasna Martinez
M.A., Counseling Psychology. MFT and LPCC, Latino Counseling Emphasis
Yasna Martinez hopes to affect a positive change in her community, breaking down barriers to Latina/o people seeking counseling. Read the full profile »