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Countless cross-disciplinary opportunities

Stephen Maurano
Biology major
Alumnus travels from Monterey to Costa Rica to Mexico conducting valuable fieldwork in biology and ecology. Read the full profile »

Window into the research world

Michael Hayes
Biochemistry major
Biochemistry major identifies diseases in his undergraduate research. Read the full profile »
Connor Schwab '14
Mechanical Engineering major
Mechanical engineer discovers a vocation through his Pathways courses and reflection essay Read the full profile »

Honing problem-solving skills in the lab

Andrew Vu
Chemistry major
Thinking and solving problems like a scientist are major talents honed by this chemistry major. Read the full profile »

Law alum Juliana Williamson brings awareness to domestic violence in the LGBTQ community

Juliana Williamson '12
Williamson wrote an article about domestic violence in same sex relationships, which is now cited by prosecutors, experts, and the press. Read the full profile »