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Lab research A to Z

David Doroquez
Biology major conducts the entire scientific experiment, from developing a hypothesis to publishing an article on his findings. Read the full profile »

Finding solutions in the lab

Kirstin Nosé
Research Associate, Genencor
Research associate praises her undergraduate and graduate experiences in shaping her career. Read the full profile »

Sharing his experience

Adrián Cuadra
Electrical Engineering major, M.S. in EMGT
Alumni merges leadership and technical skills with an engineering and business background. Read the full profile »
Kristin Heyer
Bernard J. Hanley Professor of Religious Studies
Professor incorporates community-based learning to introduce new perspectives on social realities and promote solidarity with the community. Read the full profile »

Identifying a career path

Scott Hickey
Biochemistry major
Work in a research lab prompts biochemistry alumnus to continue research after graduation. Read the full profile »