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David Doroquez '99, '07

At a glance:

Biology major conducts the entire scientific experiment, from developing a hypothesis to publishing an article on his findings.

Exposure to laboratory research at Santa Clara University set David Doroquez on his way to becoming a molecular biologist. As a student of Biology Professor Leilani Miller, David got "an A-to-Z experience for how active lab research is performed."

He learned how to think like a scientist: "We were exposed to the logic and critical thought of scientific research as well as procedural processes. We experienced a 'living' scientific method by making hypotheses, conducting experimental testing, and arriving at results and conclusions. We also read and critiqued the primary literature while learning how to write our own scientific articles," he says.

He took these skills with him as he earned his Ph.D. in biology at MIT in 2007, and now studies how cells sense and respond to their surroundings at Brandeis University near Boston.

Lab skills and critical thinking were not the only tools David took with him from his experience at Santa Clara; he also values the school's broad-based educational approach.

A biology major, he minored in religious studies. "The ability to concentrate in two seemingly unrelated fields is one hallmark of a Santa Clara education," he says. "With the questions that face science today, my Santa Clara education has helped me to understand the various scientific as well as ethical and moral perspectives brought to a given issue."

Santa Clara is also where David met his wife: Lesley H. Yamaki '99, a combined sciences major, is a cardiac surgery nurse at the North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Massachusetts.

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