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Hubbell Eldredge '74 photo

Nancy Hubbell Eldredge '74

At a glance:

Nancy Hubbell Eldredge '74 manifests SCU's Jesuit ideology through volunteer outreach.

Since graduating, Nancy Hubbell Eldredge '74 has taken to heart the Jesuit ideology that fosters a sense of moral and responsive engagement in a wide variety of occupations for service to humanity. Through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. and Girl Scouts of America, Eldredge has demonstrated the type of positive engagement in the community that makes our world a better place.

Starting as a volunteer for two Jesuit grade schools in inner-city Seattle, Washington, Eldredge worked as a librarian for two years at the understaffed St. Therese and St. Joseph Schools. From 2000 to 2003, she continued her service in children's education as a Girl Scout Leader of outdoor activities which set a positive example for young girls, propelling them to earn badges of merit. Additionally, from 2000 to 2007, Eldredge led local school children on hikes and taught science and environmental class lessons.

Reflecting back on her volunteer service and the valuable experiences she gained, Eldredge says, "All of these experiences gave me back more than I gave them. I learned from them all.

The key, for me, to having a valuable volunteer experience was to pick activities I cared about and wanted to participate in. This formula worked for me; my time volunteering was great."

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