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Stephens photo

Craig Stephens

Associate Professor, Biology

The study of aquatic bacteria helps biology professor develop a new kind of biofuel.

Suljak photo

Steven Suljak

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry professor develops tools to detect diseases very early for prevention or treatment.

Treacy , S.J. photo

Jack Treacy , S.J. '77

Campus Minister, Director of Campus Ministry

Campus minister encourages students to ask questions and embrace all spiritual perspectives.

Trevisan photo

Richard Trevisan

Lecturer, Management

Business professor uses his experience as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer to teach students inside and outside the classroom

Weber photo

Chris Weber

Associate Professor, Physics

Physics Professor Chris Weber encourages undergraduates to step outside of the classroom and put on their lab coats.

Whittall photo

Justen Whittall

Assistant Professor, Biology

Biology professor examines how the rarest plant species evolve over time in the coldest corners of Alaska.

Yang photo

Cary Yang

Professor, Electrical Engineering

A professor, researching for NASA and U.S. Army, gives students access to cutting edge equipment in a nanostructures lab.