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Faculty & Staff Stories in the School of Business

Chacko photo

George Chacko

Professor, Finance

Finance professor pinpoints the cost of doing business with intermediary agencies and has his work published.

Das photo

Sanjiv R. Das

Professor, Finance

Finance professor develops a model that accurately determines risks in investment.

Ghiassi photo

Manoochehr Ghiassi

Professor, Information Systems

Information systems professor develops a model that predicts water distribution downtown.

Mains photo

William Mains

Leadership Lecturer, Undergraduate Business Programs

Business lecturer leads students on an immersion trip through Alaska about leadership sustainability.

Shefrin photo

Hersh Shefrin

Professor, Finance

Finance professor studies how the business of behavior plays a part in financial mishaps.

Statman photo

Meir Statman

Professor, Finance

Ethics in business has always been a topic of contention, but finance professor tackles it head-on.