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Faculty & Staff Stories in the College of Arts and Sciences

Beers photo

Terry Beers

Professor, English

English professor enlists his students to work with the California Legacy Project in reviving California literature.

Bezanson photo

Michelle Bezanson

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Anthropology professor's classroom is in the Costa Rican rainforests where students are encouraged to get their hands dirty.

Billingslea photo

Aldo Billingslea

Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance

Theatre and dance professor inspires students to recognize social issues and use their acting skills to initiate change.

Billingslea photo

Renee Billingslea


Photography professor uses art and the camera to engage students in local and Santa Clara University communities

Dahlhoff photo

Elizabeth Dahlhoff

Associate Professor, Biology

Bio professor studies beetles side-by-side with undergrad students to find ways to mitigate climate change.

Fuller photo

Amelia Fuller

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry professor studies the shapes of proteins and research in the field encourages her to join Santa Clara.

Heyer photo

Kristin Heyer

Bernard J. Hanley Professor of Religious Studies

Professor incorporates community-based learning to introduce new perspectives on social realities and promote solidarity with the community.

Islas photo

Ángel Islas

Associate Professor, Biology

Associate biology professor studies the causes of cancer and students lend a hand in this life-changing research.

Kahan photo

Tracey Kahan

Associate Professor, Psychology

Psychology professor studies the sleeping mind and engages students in the science of sleep.

Lasley photo

Michael Lasley

English Professor

English lecturer encourages students to rethink citizenship and social justice issues by engaging with the local community