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Flynn '61 photo

Dan Flynn '61

At a glance:

Dan Flynn '61 voluntarily uses his knowledge of other languages to assist others abroad.

After long, successful careers in the U.S., Dan Flynn '61 and his wife Kate McNally earned certificates to teach English to adults and moved to Belgium.

Flynn primarily volunteers for Médicins sans frontières (Doctors without borders) in Brussels. His focus is on training doctors and staff and in translating from French to English. These doctors, who are being sent to countries such as Pakistan, deliver immediate and urgent assistance to the most needy in our world.

MSF is one of his preferred charities because they focus on giving vital training to these doctors so they can provide medical attention to those who are sick and poor without the hassle of time-consuming administrative and promotional obstacles.

He also teaches English to native French and German speaking citizens of Verviers and Malmedy, Belgium. These lessons are conducted through two organizations: the Action Langues Verviers Program and Club Evasion of L'Union Chrétiènne des Pensionées - a program for retirees. His Club Evasion students are over 60 years old and wish to learn English for travel purposes.

Flynn writes, "This is one way that I can give back for the absolutely beautiful start to life that I had in San Francisco in the 1940s and 1950s."

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