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Robin Hepworth '06

At a glance:

As a voluntneer coordinator, Robin Hepworth '06 works to help undeserved communities from building houses to organizing after school teaching programs.

Robin Hepworth '06 is the current East Palo Alto volunteer coordinator for AmeriCorps.

Each year, AmeriCorps has over 75,000 individuals helping underserved communities by improving health services, tutoring children, building affordable housing, teaching computer skills and managing after school programs.

Hepworth helps fill positions, especially educational positions, throughout East Palo Alto. Currently, they have a great need to increase the number of volunteers and Hepworth generously donates more of her time to ensure that children receive the support that they need.

"We are always looking for people who would like to come spend some time with the kids," says Hepworth.

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