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Hopkins Powers '09 photo

Julia Hopkins Powers '09

At a glance:

Julia Hopkins Powers '09 finds a way to work with others to manifest the good she wants to see in the world.

After graduating from Santa Clara last spring, Julia Hopkins Powers '09 enrolled in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest. The JVC aids thousands of people each year with a wide range of issues concerning faith, education, and social justice.

Powers is currently located in Omak, Washington where she serves the students and surrounding community of the Paschal Sherman Indian School. She finds the experience to be challenging, yet fulfilling in more ways than she ever thought possible. "Being able to work with others, in any way, for a common good, is taking action," she says. "And action is what we need in order to make progress."

A quote from an unknown source that motivates her goes as follows: "We don't have to know how to do something before we begin it...take action, do service for the sake of service, embody the world we want to live in."

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