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Mozaffirimehr photo

Roujin Mozaffirimehr '08

Political Science major, Italian Studies major
At a glance:

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics allows alumna to spur conversation regarding ethics in the Middle East.

Roujin Mozaffirimehr thought she was on the path to law school, but after her time at SCU studying topics in ethics, realized she wanted to pursue her M.S. in political sociology at the London School of Economics.

As a Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Hackworth Fellow during her senior year, Mozaffirimehr started campus-wide discussions about topics in Islamic society that were relatively new to the Mission campus. She spearheaded research and discussion panels on various topics related to the Middle East, such as democratization and headscarves and human rights.

"My favorite thing about Santa Clara was starting conversations on campus about something that people hadn't been talking about," she says. "My parents were both from Iran and I'm a non-practicing Muslim, so I wanted to hear the different perspectives."

And her passion for the subject was contagious. Her panels were completely full, and "everyone was very supportive." Mozaffirimehr also served as a peer educator for her Ethics and Globalization class, writing a blog each week, enjoying the different responses her peers offered to her research.

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