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How to Submit New SCU Stories

  1. Go to the SCU Stories submittal page and login.
  2. Include the name (first and last) of subject.
  3. Note: when adding a suffix, add after the last name, not in the suffix box.  
  4. Include the title of subject (major, department, current position, etc.).  
  5. Select the subject's group.  
  6. Include the short description (no more than 120 characters, with spaces).  
  7. Include information in the biography (at least 100 words, no more than 350 words).  
  8. Must include the last name of the subject in the tags.  
  9. Include a page title.  
  10. Include image, if applicable, and photo caption, if necessary.  
  11. Click save.  

The story now has an external link, but has not yet gone live. 
Wait for approval from Jeff Gire.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Gire, University writer and editor, at