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Dana Caulley Pelton '04

Math major
At a glance:

Math major praises the impact her SCU education has made on her life.

Dana Pelton works as a math tutor for junior high and high school students and, if anyone asks, she'll recommend Santa Clara University for undergraduate studies.

“I have recommended Santa Clara to every high school student I've tutored,” she says. In fact, many of her tutorees have become members of the Bronco family over the years.

Pelton admits that sometimes she gets too verbose on the subject, but the school's commitment to its students impresses her a great deal.

It's such a great school. The class sizes are awesome and the opportunities are great. The fact that professors have so many office hours and that the university pays students to tutor other students...that shows how much they actually want you to learn and to succeed.

But the Mission campus not only excels in paving a path for academic success, it also fosters a more holistic growth at a very important period of one’s life.

“I wanted a school where I could explore religion more. I wanted to know more about Christianity, but also about other religions. I'm not Catholic, but that didn't bother me at Santa Clara at all.”

Besides tutoring students in math, Pelton worked in communications and human resources for a church. She says her experience at Santa Clara is informative in that position as well. Her career has been “all over the board,” because she’s felt confident enough to use a variety of skills in mastering many areas. Santa Clara affords the opportunity for well-roundedness, Pelton firmly believes. At this point in her life, she couldn’t be any happier. “I’ve found my perfect balance: mom and wife, church employee, and math tutor.”