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Policies and Guidelines

SCU Stories Overview

The Office of Marketing and Communications manages SCU Stories.

SCU Stories are a way of bringing to the public and University community’s attention the myriad specific, individual ways that SCU inspires action, good work, and scholarly excellence. These stories demonstrate SCU’s commitment to educating leaders of competence, conscience and compassion.  

SCU Stories are a rich warehouse of alumni, faculty and student profiles that can be used by departments/schools all over campus to promote the many ways our talented people contribute to fostering a more just, humane, and sustainable world.  

SCU site administrators, content owners, and publishers can use SCU Stories to: 

  • Promote the variety of excellent academic opportunities available to undergraduates at Santa Clara. 
  • Distinguish Santa Clara from its competitors through stories about its ideal location and engaged community. 
  • Describe the University’s Jesuit philosophy through stories that showcase how this philosophy inspired students, faculty and alumni to action.  

Through SCU Stories, site administrators, content owners, and publishers can reach:

  • Prospective students: high school juniors and seniors 
  • Current Santa Clara undergraduates 
  • Parents of prospective students and current undergraduates 
  • Faculty and other members of the Santa Clara community 
  • Faculty at other institutions 
  • Outside media and college ranking boards  

SCU Stories are primarily written by the editorial staff and interns in the Office of Marketing and Communications. Ideas for SCU Stories can be sent to OMC by using this form:  

Site administrators and SCU staff members can also write stories with editorial assistance from OMC. To submit a story, please visit:  

All SCU Stories written by non-OMC editorial staff, will be edited and approved prior to going live on the website.  

SCU Stories Policies  

  • Must be a profile of an individual – student, faculty, staff, or alumnus/a  
  • Must exemplify the University’s values 
  • Must showcase one or more of the University’s core attributes:
    • Profiles should demonstrate the advantages of being in an ideal location – internships, job opportunities, networking possibilities, research collaborations, etc.
    • Profiles should show the value of a Jesuit education – community-based learning, immersion trips, volunteerism, ethics, social justice, etc.
    • Profiles should clearly articulate academic excellence – research partnerships amongst faculty, students, and Silicon Valley businesses, small class sizes, etc.
    • Profiles should exhibit the value of an engaged community – multicultural experiences, global outreach, sustainability, conscientious learning/living, etc.
  • Must be informative and new to readers
  • Must be appealing to external target audiences: prospective students, parents, prospective staff and faculty, and media 
  • Must be between 300-400 words 
  • Must have a high-resolution image 550 pixels wide and 250 pixels in height. If you do not have a photo that meets these guidelines, please contact the University photographer, Chuck Barry at, to schedule a photo shoot with the profile subject.