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Dezember photo

Michelle Dezember '06

Art History major, Sociology major
At a glance:

Working with NYC museums for inner-city kids leads art history major to win a grant to study museums in Barcelona.

Michelle Dezember '06 is continuing the educational journey she began at Santa Clara by studying museums in Barcelona, Spain, supported by a Fulbright grant.

"Not only did I study abroad in Barcelona my junior year," she says, "but this project allows me to combine and build upon my SCU experiences."

As an art history and sociology double major, Dezember put her degree to work serving the diverse students of New York City's inner-city schools through educational programs at the Brooklyn Museum, the Queens Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Now, thanks to her Fulbright grant, she will research and analyze the changes at Barcelona museums in the context of the recent influx of immigration by non-Europeans, using the University of Barcelona's master's program of Visual Cultural Studies to analyze the identities of immigrants and museums.

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