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Hickey photo

Scott Hickey '09

Biochemistry major
At a glance:

Work in a research lab prompts biochemistry alumnus to continue research after graduation.

From working in a research lab at SCU, Scott Hickey has identified the career he wants to pursue.

"I thought at first that I wanted to go to medical school. But doing things here, I've seen there are lots more opportunities," he says. He plans to pursue research in an academic setting after graduating as a biochemistry major.

In the lab of Assistant Chemistry Professor Steven Suljak, Hickey and fellow research assistants use a laser to detect and identify nucleic chains called aptamers that bind target proteins. The nucleic chains they identify might be useful for fighting diseases in the future.

"The research we do is really interesting," says Hickey. "Dr. Suljak is a great teacher. We all learn a lot, even just hanging out here."

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