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Figueira photo

Silvia Figueira

Associate Professor, Computer Engineering
At a glance:

The buzzing locale and opportunity to research with students prompts engineer professor to join SCU community.

Like most of the engineering faculty, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering Silivia Figueira came to Santa Clara because of the opportunities for in-depth interaction with students. The University's location was also a draw: Here in Silicon Valley, her specialty is a hot commodity. Figueira does research in grid and parallel computing and is "always looking" for undergraduates to join her in the lab.

"More and more universities consider research when accepting students for graduate school, especially Ph.D. programs," Figueira says. And graduate school is exactly where she hopes her students will go after graduation. "It's good for Santa Clara to have students going on to make a name for themselves."

Even students who don't plan to attend grad school stand to gain a competitive edge from their research experience. Figueira says the practical skills gained from SCU's year-long capstone project aren't the only thing employers note during job interviews: "Students know everything about their projects. When they start explaining, interviewers are very impressed. They can hear the excitement, the enthusiasm, from these students."

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