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Kapoor photo

Shweta Kapoor '09

Marketing major
At a glance:

Marketing major places faces to the statistics through her El Salvador immersion trip.

For Shweta Kapoor '09 Marketing, statistics about poverty, hunger, unemployment, and education rates are no longer just numbers. Having been on the El Salvador Business Immersion Program, Kapoor now relates differently to these facts and figures. "Now when I see these numbers, I think of the little boy playing with his worn fire engine toy on the side of an unpaved street," she says. "Then I think of the millions of children like him. Maybe I was aware of these statistics of poverty and illiteracy earlier, but now I am conscious of them."

Two students took the initiative to organize the business-focused trip after noticing that they were among the few business majors on immersion trips. "We were missing out on an eye-opening experience," says Kapoor. "Through this program, you not only learn firsthand about poverty in the Third World, you also realize your place and power in the world."

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