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Chad Walsh '95, '00

Electrical Engineering major
At a glance:

Chad Walsh applies his electrical engineering and law degrees to a variety of entrepreneurial and social endeavors.

For Chad Walsh, there are two areas of law that govern people: the physical laws of the world and the laws of man. Finding both areas equally interesting, he majored in electrical engineering as an undergraduate and obtained his law degree (also on the Mission campus) a few years later.  

?The legal profession is a reflection of human society and includes all diverse perspectives associated with life,? says Walsh. ?I was seeking a career path that would include a tight link between technology and the business aspects of the high tech industry.?  
Walsh?s educational career affirmed the ?tight link? between the fields of engineering and business. ?Engineering provides excellent training for innovative thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving,? says Walsh. ?All of these skills are desperately needed by lawyers both inside the tech industry and beyond.?
This claim comes from experience. As president and founder of Fountainhead Law Group, an intellectual property law firm, Walsh finds ways to protect research on a day-to-day basis. ?I work with startups to Fortune 500 technology clients around the world to develop offensive and defensive patent strategies.?
This mission for justice expanded beyond the tech industry and into social institutions as well. As founder of Volunteers in Motion, a non-profit volunteer matching website, Walsh finds ways to ?promote volunteering for philanthropic organizations needing volunteer support.? It is essentially an organized, online networking system, allowing volunteers easy access to charities and non-profits.  
Along with pioneering his two companies, Walsh has found time to serve as president of the West Valley Mission Community College governing board, supporting local education. He follows up with his alma mater as well by serving on the Alumni Boards for the Law and Engineering Schools.

Although his career has taken him in several directions, Walsh traces his success back to the skills he learned as an engineering undergrad. ?Ultimately, a successful career is rooted in the ability of an individual to overcome problems in the face of adversity,? explains Walsh. ?Rational analysis and steadfast dedication lead to innovative solutions for either your business, or for the business of an employer. Engineering teaches these critical skills.?

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