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Lauren Zachmeier

M.A., Teaching with Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential (MATTC)
At a glance:

Lauren Zachmeier knew that she wanted to be a high school teacher, and she has enjoyed pursuing her education at Santa Clara University's School of Education and Counseling Psychology.

Lauren Zachmeier knew that she wanted to be a high school teacher, and her search for programs led her directly to SCU. “When I came across the MATTC program at SCU I knew I had found the program for me.

"The program at SCU has exceeded my expectations. Everyone in the program, staff and other students included, are all so willing to offer help and support without even being asked. I feel like we are being given the opportunity to build an incredibly strong foundation on which to start our teaching careers.”

Not only did Lauren learn a great deal academically, she also acquired valuable knowledge about classroom management and engaging students. “Just because you teach older students doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make the environment welcoming and fun.”

She was also able to build strong bonds with the faculty, especially Bob Michels. “His approach to teaching and working with students is incredible, and his ability to translate his love of teaching into our classroom is nothing short of amazing. He is funny, compassionate, and genuine. I will most definitely be consulting with Bob in the future, even after I've finished the program.”