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Rodger Powers '64

At a glance:

Roger Powers '64 provides support for impoverished communities through ministry organizations.

Roger Powers '64 is currently involved with several organizations including Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul, Habitat for Humanity, and the Franciscan Retreat Center.

Through Catholic Services, Powers and his wife adopt a family each year in order to get them back on their feet. "It is a hands-on ministry, and so much is learned and given back to us in these kinds of programs," Powers says. One of Powers' favorite volunteer opportunities is hospital ministry, "Praying with patients and giving Eucharist to the sick and ill is a wonderful way to reach out. Ministry is a wonderful way to be an instrument of God's love and peace."

Along with other members of their parish, Powers and his wife participate in Habitat for Humanity, building homes for impoverished communities.

Additionally, Powers has served on the Advisory Board of the Franciscan Retreat Center for fifteen years. Powers finds ministry retreats vital in our modern world that often appears completely broken.

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