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Sommer photo

William Sommer '11

Civil Engineering major

For their senior design project, William Sommer '11 and Dan Lawrie '11 helped villagers in Ghana construct a building for community gatherings.

Stillman photo

Elizabeth Stillman '11

Communication major

Communication major gains the experience needed to keep up with a fast-paced world.

Sullivan photo

Thomas Sullivan '10

English major

English major appreciates the education, as well as all of the activities, the Mission campus has to offer.

Tarver photo

Hilary Tarver '08

Theater and Dance major

SCU exposes theater and dance major to all aspects of theater production, from designing costumes to playing lead roles.

Teixeira photo

Elico Teixeira '08

Engineering physics major

For engineering physics major, Santa Clara's emphasis on community set him up for success in research and graduate school.

Tellman '09 photo

Beth Tellman '09

Beth Tellman is studying how decisions about the food we eat affect people around the world.

Thurtle photo

Deborah Thurtle '08

Biology major

Research in the lab to better biofuels inspires confidence in biology major for graduate school research.

Trefethen photo

Hailey Trefethen '08

Anthropology major

Anthropology major's trip to Costa Rica exposes her to the realm of field research with primates.

Van Dorn photo

Maggi Van Dorn '08

Religious Studies major

SCU prepares alumna for what to do for the rest of her life: explore religion and spirituality creatively.

Venugopal photo

Rathi Venugopal '10

Engineering management major

The Engineering Management Program keeps grad student ahead of the technology curve.