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Rape Education and Prevention Program
The REPP team provides programs in the residence halls to educate students about rape prevention on and off-campus. Also, the team works in conjunction with ASSCU to implement the Safety Whistle Program.
Rebuilding in Post-Katrina New Orleans
Just months after the waters receded, SCU's Kolvenbach Solidarity Program sponsored an immersion trip to New Orleans to help begin rebuilding. The participants share their photos and reflections from the trip.
Religious Studies Department
The Department of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University understands the study of religion to be disciplined, intellectual inquiry into the religious dimensions of human existence.
Research and Faculty Affairs
Research and Faculty Affairs
Research Initiatives
The Provost is responsible for supporting all research at the University, which includes maintaining a database of faculty research profiles and projects, opportunities for students, and strategic, institution-wide research initiatives.
Resident Ministry
Some Santa Clara graduate students, Jesuits, and staff choose to make their homes in the Residential Learning Communities, sharing community, spirituality, and hospitality as part of the Resident Ministry program for undergraduate students living on campus.
Residential Learning Communities
RLCs combine residence life with academic coursework, helping students make the transition from high school to college by placing them in a community of learners with similar interests.
Resources for Excellence
To ensure ongoing improvement in what we do, the University constantly evaluates programs and concentrates our resources to advance our vision, mission, and values.
Retail Consortium for Management Education
The SCU Retail Consortium for Management Education (RCME) is a unique alliance between Santa Clara University's Retail Management Institute and the Executive Development Center. It is designed to enhance the management capabilities of retail organizations through world-class educational experiences that are fast-paced, timely, provocative, stimulating, refreshing, cost-effective and practical.
Retail Management Institute
The Retail Management Institute is part of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. The institute was formed in 1980 by Santa Clara faculty members working with an Advisory Board of leading figures in Northern California retailing. Today the RMI advisory board includes national leaders in the retail industry.
Retail Studies Program
Open to undergraduates in every field, the Retail Studies Program is the heart of the Retail Management Institute.
Retail Studies Student Association (RSSA)
The Retail Studies Student Association is open to undergraduates in every field - the Retail Studies Program is the heart of the Retail Management Institute.
Risk Management & Insurance
The responsibility for risk management of property and casualty losses is in the University Finance Office.
Robotic Systems Laboratory
Specializing in the design, control, and teleoperation of highly capable robotic systems for scientific discovery, technology validation, and engineering education.
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